Vietnamese Brides

Date: 19th February 2005 (Saturaday)
Time: around 5:30 pm
Location: Golden Mile Tower (along Beach Road)
Two undercovers went to find out more information on the recently hot topic on Vietnamese bride. We went to a Vietnamese bride match-making agency situated inside the above mentioned building. The boss is a friendly guy who explained to us what and how the whole thing is about. There is even a website – Interest parties can contact me if you want to find out more information. The meeting place is as usual – the roof top of a building like all past meetings. Or you can go down to the agency yourself. Last but not least, there no disrespect or discrimination to any parties in this Vietnamese bride matching-making thing from the view-points of the two undercovers. We sincerely hope all the couples who were being match-made ‘Happily Ever After’.


3 thoughts on “Vietnamese Brides”

  1. its is indeed great undercover work you have done, sgt chua. however, pse be extremely careful in future. we have begun to suspect PC tan may be working for a secret society boss with funny voice.

  2. I dunno about that, until now we have not find out who is the undercover from the other side, I suspect it is sgt gary. He is always distracted when working and keeps staring at us….

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